Dramatic portrait of bride in shadows

Emma + B

Billings Estate Wedding

I don’t always have a chance to meet my couples before their wedding, and this was one of those cases.  When I showed up for Emma and Bikrant’s Billings Estate wedding, I instantly knew it was going to be amazing!

Emma and B live in Toronto, so this entire wedding was planned from afar.  Luckily Emma’s wonderful family is here and were able to help out with a lot of the coordinating, decorating and setup.  Most of the guests had made the long trip from Toronto, and some came from even further.

These two met in Nepal, which is where B is originally from.  Years back, Emma’s parents were living there, and she came to stay with them for a while.  They joked that maybe she would meet a nice Nepalese boy…and sure enough!  Most of B’s family and friends couldn’t make the long trip to Canada, so they opted to have two smaller weddings – one in Ottawa, and other back in Nepal in the fall.

This entire wedding was straight out of a dream – a beautiful, intimate setting, gorgeous weather, a smaller gathering of the people most important to these two.  Emma’s father even officiated the ceremony!

Emma and B – I couldn’t have been more thrilled to be a part of this wonderful day!  All the best, wherever life takes you!

Girls getting ready before the wedding Grace Loves Lace dress hanging in treeRings sitting in bouquet of flowers from Alta Vista flowersA girl getting her hair done before the wedding A girl putting on makeup before the wedding The ceremony location at Billings Estate Putting on false eyelashes before the wedding Girls taking a break in the sun before the wedding False eyelashes being applied at the wedding Bridesmaids getting their hair done Bride wearing alternative engagement ring Grace Loves Lace dress hanging in the shadows at Billings Estate Tiers of cupcakes for the wedding Groom walking past open door Bridesmaids getting ready before the wedding Girls hanging out with the bride A bottle of pre-wedding champagne The girls toasting the bride The bride getting her makeup applied A bridesmaid doing her own hair before the ceremony Bride choosing music before the wedding Groomsmen getting ready at Billings Estate Groomsmen in one of the buildings at Billings Estate Babies coming to visit the bride Bride getting her hair done at Billings Estate Best man carrying bowl of flower petals in water Bride putting on her necklace Mother of bride helping her daughter into her dress Bridesmaid reading a letter from the bride Guests seated for the ceremony Groom waiting for bride to walk down the aisle Mother of bride hugging the bride before the ceremony Wedding ceremony at Billings Estate Billings Estate wedding ceremony Father of the bride officiating the wedding Groom looking at bride during ceremony Bride laughing during ceremony Groom with tattoo holding bride's hand during ceremony Best man handing rings to groom during ceremony at Billings Estate Bride and groom walking down the aisle after the ceremony Bride and groom exit the house at Billings Estate A post-wedding toast to the bride and groom Groom dipping the bride and kissing her Bride and groom walking down dirt road A quiet, romantic moment with the bride and groomGorgeous floral bouquet by Alta Vista FloralA portrait of the bride and groom at Billings Estate Black and white portrait of the bride and groom Bride and groom kissing Black and white portrait of a bohemian bride Bohemian bride in Ottawa A beautiful bride wearing a flower crown Bohemian floral bouquet in Ottawa Ottawa bride wearing flower crown Black and white portrait of bride Ottawa bride wearing a floral crown and Grace Loves Lace dress Dramatic portrait of bride in shadows Stunning boho bride in floral crown Boho bride portrait Bohemian bride walking down dirt road Bridal bouquet by Alta Vista Flowers Dramatic black and white fine art photo of bridal bouquet Bride and mother on wedding day Guests greet the bride Groom taking photos using a polaroid camera Food at Billings Estate wedding Guest enjoying food at Billings Estate wedding Bride laughing with guests Gold geometric wedding decorations Mother of bride giving a speech Father of Bride giving a speech Group of friends kissing bride DIY photobooth at Billings Estate wedding Food being served on wooden board at Billings Estate Bride and groom listen to speeches Bride laughing during wedding speeches Bride and groom listening to speeches Bride watching as her sister gives a speech Grooms arm around bride Bride and groom with their Boston Terrier dog at their wedding

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