I'm Anita, a wedding photographer based out of Ottawa, Ontario

I’m an ex-Hintonburgite (totally a word) who just bought my first home in Hull where I live with my husband Josh and cat George Michael. I work on location using natural light and take a journalistic/candid approach to my work.

Available For

Wedding Photography
Portrait Photography
Engagement Photography


Canon 5D Mark IV
Canon 5D Mark II
24mm 1.4
35mm 1.4
50mm 1.4
135mm 2.0


Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Photoshop

I don’t do much without a camera in my hand.

I love telling stories, describing the world as I see it through photographs.  Light.  People.  Settings.  Colours.  Emotions.  Nature.  I want to observe and share it all.

To me, visuals are a tangible thing.  Something you should be able to capture and own, to look at and revisit whenever you’d like.  I want to help you see your life as I see it, because your world is beautiful.

I love travelling, music and everything to do with nature.  I love TV marathons, beer, the summer and cats.  I have red hair and what some might consider to be a lot of tattoos.  Want to know more random stuff about me?

If I sound like the photographer for you then drop me a line and let’s chat!  I’d love to have the opportunity to share your life through my lens.


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A speed date with Anita Peeples

  1. I was born and raised in Peterborough, Ontario.  Getting married there?  Get in touch for discounted travel rates!
  2. If it’s sci-fi I will love it.  Interstellar, Arrival, X-Files, Black Mirror, Fringe…all very on point.  My most recently love is Star Trek Discovery.
  3. I have a cat named George Michael (re: Arrested Development).  I really dig cats.  Actually, I really dig all animals.  I just think they’re neat.
  4. Yes, I’m one of those people who has a Simpsons quote for every occasion.
  5. I have what some people would consider to be a lot of tattoos, mostly on my arms.
  6. I’m crazy for craft beer.  Stalwart is one of my favourite local breweries.
  7. …but when craft beer isn’t available, gin will do as well.
  8. I very much enjoy cooking, I have a little blog called Five Root Revival where I post recipes and the likes (try the tortilla recipe, it will change your life).
  9. Before I started doing wedding photography full time, I worked as a graphic and web designer.
  10. I love to travel, but I mean, who doesn’t?
  11. I also love camping.  But like, the real kind with lots of canoeing where you end up in the middle of nowhere and it rains the whole time.
  12. I’ve probably hiked every trail there is to hike in the Ottawa and Gatineau area.
  13. I love swimming in lakes as long as my feet don’t have to touch the bottom.
  14. For a long time I drove this hilarious 1986 two seater Toyota van. I drove, people laughed.
  15. I live with my strong and burly husband Josh in Hintonburg.
  16. Josh is in a band called the Fathers of Modern Rocketry.
  17. We make home made pizza for dinner ever Friday.
  18. We got married on August 12th, 2017 – it was an intimate cottage wedding at his parent’s house on Clear Lake in the Kawarthas.
  19. I love to dance and will make a fool out of myself on the dance floor.
  20. I can keep myself busy by myself in my house without leaving for like, ever.
  21. I would love nothing more than to get to meet and photograph your dog or cat at your wedding or engagement shoot.
  22. Alanis Morisette once used a photo that I took on her instagram (yes, it’s a photo of Josh and me).
  23. That same photo was used on a site called Maple Match, a dating site matching Americans with Canadians to help them escape Donald Trump.
  24. I love disposable cameras, film and polaroids.  I have so many polaroid cameras.
  25. I love the music of the sixties and seventies.  Bob Dylan, Neil Young, David Bowie, The Band, CCR, America.
  26. Modern bands I love include The Tallest Man on Earth, Shakey Graves, Timber Timbre, Mac Demarco, The Rural Alberta Advantage, The Wooden Sky, Dan Mangan, Ben Howard, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  27. I’ve spent the last two years growing out my bangs and it’s been a nightmare.  I cut them again.  I can never decide if I want bangs or not.